Dr. Kris Johnson Accepts Boeing Dental Insurance


Everett Dentist

Attention Boeing employees: If you are looking for excellent, modern dentistry, Dr. Kris Johnson is a fabulous family and cosmetic dentist in Mukilteo, who can serve you with the best preventative, cosmetic and family dentistry.

Everett DentistLocated near the Everett area, Dr. Johnson accepts all cases covered by Boeing Dental Insurance in order to keep you and your family’s teeth healthy and beautiful. Dr. Johnson has practiced dentistry for more than 20 years, and his passion for excellent dentistry is evident by his continued education and the desire to incorporate the latest technology available to create the most comfortable environment possible for his patients.

Your dental insurance can cover routine examinations, cleanings and most cases of restorative dentistry. If you need a qualified, highly-skilled dentist, Dr. Johnson is the perfect doctor for you. Your mouth is in good hands. Come get to know us by calling Harbour Pointe Family Dentistry today!

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