Children's Dentistry in Mukilteo, WA

You can entrust your kid's smile to our expert, kid-friendly dentist in Mukilteo.

A mother teaching her little daughter to brush her teeth
Kid-Approved Dentistry
We make your kid's visits fun.
A mother teaching her little daughter to brush her teeth

Who said dentistry has to be scary? Not our children’s dentist in Mukilteo or the rest of his team at Harbour Pointe Family Dentistry!

Our team, made up of parents like you, understands the special needs of children when it comes to dental care. We provide gentle care designed to make kids feel secure during treatment.

Making their visit fun, educational, and interesting makes time go by quickly and helps them relax. We make your children’s visits so easy that they’ll actually look forward to coming back again!

As a full-care practice, we offer services that cover the needs of children, including:

Help Your Kids Love the Dentist
Follow these three tips, and your kids will be happy to make their dental visits.
Small boy smiling
Start Young

If you make visiting the dentist a regular part of your children’s routine from an early age, they will feel more comfortable and relaxed. We want your child to view us as friends who care about his or her well-being.

Young boy sitting in the dentist's chair
Speak Positively

Don’t use scary words like “shot” or “pain,” let our team introduce our vocabulary that’s designed to put kids at ease. You can say the dentist is going to check their teeth and make sure they are clean, strong, and healthy.

Mother and daughter brushing their teeth
Be an Example

Kids pick up your habits – good or bad. You can set a good example by having an excellent oral care routine at home. Brush and floss with your children so you can show them how to do it correctly.

Why Can You Trust Your Kids to Us?
Because our team is experienced in all areas of children's dentistry.
Our team members and Dr Kris eating an ice cream

Providing excellent dentistry, whether to adults or children, takes training, education, and experience. At Harbour Pointe Family Dentistry, our dentist, Dr. Kris Johnson, and his team have all three.

Our comprehensive services are designed to give you and your family the convenience of one-stop dentistry. We have cosmetic and family dentistry services that cover the needs of all members of the family.

Our dentist and team love kids! How do we show it? Here are a few ways:

  • We address your child by name and get to know their individual needs.
  • We have a special waiting area that has books and a video library to keep them busy.
  • As with all of our patients, we make sure they feel comfortable and secure throughout their visit.

Your children are precious to you and us! Our children’s dentist in Mukilteo is excited to partner with you in caring for their oral health and building special relationships that will last a lifetime.

A Caring Children's Dentist in Mukilteo
‘‘The waiting area is very comfortable and has a play area for small children. Dr. Kris is very kind and efficient, and the hygienists are all very nice, gentle, and accommodating to ensure that everyone has a comfortable appointment. I highly recommend Dr. Kris Johnson and his team!’’
Five golden stars

- Angela S. 5-Star Google Review

Have Questions about Your Child's Dental Care?
Get answers from our Mukilteo dentist.
  • How old should my children be for their first visit to the dentist?

    The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a child should visit the dentist when his or her first tooth has fully erupted or is 12 months old, whichever comes first.

    The younger your children start regularly visiting the dentist, the easier it is to develop positive impressions about their experience and set them up for a lifetime of good dental care.

    Preventative care is an important part of our practice at Harbour Pointe Family Dentistry, so we encourage parents to take advantage of this visit to ask questions about their children’s oral health and care. We are here to help and support you in any way we can!

  • Will you use X-rays, and are they safe for my child?

    Yes, we typically use X-rays to help in diagnosis and treatment. X-rays allow our children’s dentist in Mukilteo, Dr. Johnson, to see things that can’t be seen with a visual exam alone.

    However, we only take necessary X-rays, and we use digital radiographs that minimize your child’s exposure to radiation.

  • Should my child use fluoride toothpaste?

    Generally, we recommend kids start using fluoride toothpaste at two years of age. A very small smear on their toothbrush is enough and reminds them not to swallow it but to spit it out.

    By the age of five, they can use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste when they brush.

  • Is it common for children to have cavities?

    Yes, it is. It’s quite common for children 10 years of age and under to develop cavities in their primary teeth. That’s because these “baby teeth” have less enamel to protect them than their permanent teeth do.

    Drinking sugary fruit juices or eating candy and then not thoroughly brushing their teeth is often the cause of this.

    Teaching your children the proper way to brush and when to brush is vital to their continued good oral health.

    Have questions about children and toothbrushing? Ask us! We will be glad to help.

  • Do you offer other family services?

    Yes, we do. We offer a full range of family services, including:

    Our conveniently located Mukilteo dentist office welcomes families from Mill Creek, Edmonds, Boulevard Bluffs, Picnic Point, Evergreen, Perrinville, Snohomish, and other nearby communities.

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