Metal-Free Fillings

For healthier and more natural-looking dental fillings.

A young woman smiling with her metal-free fillings
What Are Metal-Free Fillings?
The modern way to deal with decay.
A young woman smiling with her metal-free fillings

Formerly, most dental fillings were metal. Gold was sometimes used to fill teeth, but more commonly used was amalgam. Silver-colored fillings with amalgam are a mixture of metals that consist of liquid mercury and silver, and sometimes even tin and copper.

Metal fillings have proven to be unreliable and unsightly. A newer, better solution is now available: metal-free fillings!

Metal-free fillings are made of tooth-colored composite that bonds to the surface of your tooth, protecting it, while still looking beautiful.

We Offer Metal-Free Fillings Because of Their Benefits
Here are a few!
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Beautiful Appearance

Metal-free fillings are made from composite materials that are custom-tinted to match the shade of your natural tooth. Your new filling will blend in perfectly with your tooth and will be impossible to detect!

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A root canal is performed to save your tooth, which means you won’t have to undergo additional dental services, like dental implants or dental bridges.

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Composite fillings are bonded directly to the tooth, becoming a seamless part of the enamel. This allows it to protect your tooth from further damage by sealing out decay-causing bacteria.

Why Choose Harbour Pointe for Your Metal-Free Fillings?
Because for us, it really is all about YOU!
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At Harbour Pointe Family Dentistry, your desires, needs, and goals are our focus. Let us know what you need and want from your dental care; we’ll see it happens!

Dr. Kris Johnson has more than 30 years of experience in all areas of family and cosmetic dentistry. He uses the latest in dental technology and techniques to make sure you get the best results possible from your dentistry.

While Dr. Johnson is working to ensure the health and beauty of your smile, our team will be making sure you are comfortable by using amenities such as:

  • DirecTV
  • Music and headphones
  • Warm towels and lip balm
  • Comfy blankets and thermal neck pillows
  • Refreshments
Giving Our Patients the
5-Star Treatment
‘‘Gentle and professional redoing of old dental work transformed a shy, hand-over-mouth giggle to a great big smile. I highly recommend Dr. Kris Johnson and his staff with great enthusiasm and admiration. ’’
Five golden stars

- Margaret M. 5-Star Google Review

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