Root Canal

Renew and restore your damaged tooth.

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What Is a Root Canal?
The best way to save your tooth!
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A root canal is an endodontic procedure that can restore a badly decayed or infected tooth and prevent the need for extraction. When your tooth is severely infected, harmful bacteria will reach the vulnerable inner pulp of the tooth, causing inflammation and usually pain.

A root canal procedure involves removing the damaged nerve and pulp inside the tooth, sterilizing it, and sealing it.

Then, a custom-crafted crown is used to protect and cover the weakened tooth, restoring it to full strength and function again!

Why Should You Get a Root Canal?
The process of getting a root extracted may sound terrifying, but you will be glad you did it. A root canal can:
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Relieve Mouth Pain

Because we will remove the infected areas from your tooth, you will often experience immediate relief from pain.

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Relieves Pain

A root canal is performed to save your tooth, which means you won’t have to undergo additional dental services, like dental implants or dental bridges.

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Preserves Teeth

Mouth pain can be incredibly debilitating. You can’t eat or sleep. The pain can migrate to your entire head. Extracting the infection from a root canal will allow you to return to your normal activities and enhance your health.

Why Choose Harbour Pointe Family Dentistry?
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Dr. Johnson has been serving the Mukilteo community with great dentistry since 1990 and is a second-generation dentist.

He wants you and your family to have the best personal dental care possible. That’s why he utilizes the latest technology to achieve your most perfect smile.

What technology do we offer that will help your root canal treatment?

  • Intraoral cameras – These allow us to diagnose the health of your tooth. We can detect tooth decay and cracks in tooth enamel that are missed by the naked eye.
  • Entertainment consoles – While Dr. Johnson is restoring your smile’s health, you will be relaxing by watching a movie on a flat-screen TV or listening to music through headphones.
Giving Our Patients the
5-Star Treatment
‘‘The first dentist I don't complain about. They take the time to explain everything they're doing while also trying to get you out of there as quickly as possible. They do all the little things to make you comfortable, including hand-wax treatment, a TV and headphones, and a warm towel at the end. They truly care about their patients.’’
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- Andre H, 5-Star Google Review

FAQs about Root Canal
Get the answers below.
  • My tooth doesn't hurt. Do I still need a root canal?

    Some patients never experience pain even though their teeth are severely damaged. The infection is damaging the tissue and bone around the tooth even though you are not aware of it.

    Diagnosing and treating the disease early means we can use more conservative and less costly procedure to save the tooth. A root canal will only be recommended when the damage to the tooth requires it.

  • Isn't extracting the tooth easier and less costly?

    Pulling a tooth requires completely removing the tooth and roots. To protect the health of the underlying bone and to keep your teeth from drifting out of place, you would need to replace the missing tooth. Getting a bridge or dental implants means more time and money.

    In the long run, the most cost-effective thing is to save the tooth with a root canal.

  • Are there times when a root canal would not be recommended?

    Yes, there are. A root canal will only be recommended by Dr. Johnson if the tooth can be saved. A root canal would not be an option for:

    • A tooth that is too severely damaged.
    • The tooth is not worth saving, such as a wisdom tooth.
    • The root is cracked.
    • Gum disease has loosened the tooth root and made it unstable.
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