A woman who grinds her teeth in her sleep

Find Relief from Nighttime Teeth Grinding

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to refresh and revive you for a new day. Quality sleep can have many positive effects on your overall health. However, if you’re grinding your teeth at night, you could be unconsciously wearing away at the quality of your sleep – and your life. How can you know […]

A man with jaw pain holding his face

Protect Your Teeth and Health With Comprehensive Dentistry

Unfortunately, many of us usually don’t deal with a dental issue until it has become a real problem, one we can’t ignore any longer! There are many reasons why this “wait and see” approach to dentistry can hurt you. Here are some reasons why we at Harbour Pointe Family Dentistry feel a proactive approach to […]

It is very important that you protect your smile from Gum disease! Dr. Johnson in Mukilteo can show you how!

Protect Your Smile by Checking for These 6 Signs of Gum Disease

Gum disease is one of the least noticeable yet most common oral conditions worldwide. Given gum disease’s potentially serious yet invisible signs, how can you protect yourself from losing your smile? Gum disease is no laughing matter. Millions of Americans are diagnosed with it each year and millions more remain untreated, leading to rapid decay […]

A reminder on a calendar saying "Get Checked' promoting breast cancer awareness

How Good Oral Health May Prevent Breast Cancer

  Do you notice an increase in pink every October? From politicians to football players to community members, the color seems to pop up everywhere! Since 1985, when National Breast Cancer Awareness Month was founded, October has been designated as a time to increase awareness of this deadly disease. Pink ribbons – and pink in […]

Mukilteo Dentist

Mukilteo Dental Care Tips: Baby Your Smile During Pregnancy

Congratulations, you have a baby on the way! Did you know it’s very important to maintain good oral health during pregnancy? Pregnant women with severe periodontal disease may be at increased risk of complications, including preterm delivery or increased risk of having a low‐birthweight baby. As you can see, dental visits during pregnancy are vital. […]