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Protect Your Teeth and Health With Comprehensive Dentistry

Comprehensive dentistry by Mukilteo dentist, Dr. Johnson prevents small problems from becoming big headaches.

Unfortunately, many of us usually don’t deal with a dental issue until it has become a real problem, one we can’t ignore any longer!

There are many reasons why this “wait and see” approach to dentistry can hurt you. Here are some reasons why we at Harbour Pointe Family Dentistry feel a proactive approach to dentistry is the best one to protect the health of you and your family.

Whole Picture Dentistry

Comprehensive dentistry involves looking at the whole dental picture. When you are experiencing a problem, we want to know what the cause of that problem is. With this knowledge, we can then treat it effectively and guard against any re-occurrence.

Preventative dentistry takes in all areas of dentistry – preventative, restorative, and aesthetic:

  • Aesthetics – are there cosmetic enhancements you would like to make to your smile?
  • Mechanics – are your teeth and jaws functioning properly?
  • Health – is your oral health impacting your whole-body health?

 Our goal is to use a comprehensive approach to keeping your smile beautiful, healthy, and working properly.

One of the benefits of comprehensive dentistry that our patients appreciate is that it is cost-effective. It is easier to maintain a car than to deal with costly repair bills. It’s the same with our dental care. It’s much easier on your budget to maintain regular hygiene appointment that to have to deal with the expense of implants or crowns later, right?

Your oral health significantly impacts your whole-body health!

Another vital fact to consider is that poor oral care that leads to infection and disease has been shown to impact a person’s whole-body health significantly. Studies have linked the bacteria that comes from gum disease with other very serious health threats such as diabetes, heart disease, oral cancer.

Your families oral health is the gateway to their whole-body health.

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Dr. Johnson wants you and your family to have the best personal dental care possible. That’s why we utilize the latest techniques and technologies to achieve your most healthy, balanced smile. Comprehensive dentistry is one way we provide the best care possible. Learn more about it in our download!

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Download your free infographic about Why Comprehensive Dentistry Makes Sense to see how comprehensive dentistry:

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– Prevents recurring dental problems

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Searching For Comprehensive Dentistry in Mukilteo?

You don’t need to look any further. We don’t just treat teeth; we treat people. And we are interested in promoting not only your oral health but your total health and that of your family. Comprehensive dentistry provides benefits we know your want for your family, such as:

  • Preserving your teeth for a lifetime of use.
  • Preventing costly dental procedures through regular maintenance.
  • Promoting overall better health with excellent oral health.

Download our free infographic and after your read through it give our office a call at (425) 348-8484 or contact us online for an appointment. We would be happy to help you get on the pathway to enjoying a healthy and beautiful smile for a lifetime.