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Our Next Contest is Up and Running!

A special thank you to our long-time patient Victoria Michael for sending us a picture of her son Kemper after his recent visit to Dr. Johnson’s Mukilteo dental office. It is extremely rewarding to see families grow within our practice and we take pride in our ability to make every appointment an enjoyable one.

As promised in our earlier post, we are pleased to announce our next on-line contest! We will be giving away a Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 3G Works Globally, Graphite, 6″ Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology!

This time around we want you to get to know Dr. Johnson and his staff a little better as well as our beautiful city of Mukilteo, near Everett. You can submit your answers by clicking on the “Contact” tab at the top of this page. The contest will run through Sunday, April 17th and the winner will be notified the morning of Monday, April 18th. Good luck and have fun!

1. Mukilteo was originally inhabited by Native Americans, of whom helped give Mukilteo it’s name. What does the name “Mukilteo” mean?

2. In 2009, Money Magazine listed Mukilteo as one of the top 100 small towns of America to live in. What ranking did Mukilteo come in?

3. Who is the Mayor of Mukilteo?

4. In what year was the famous Mukilteo Light Station (light house) built?

5. How long has Dr. Johnson been in practice in Mukilteo?

6. Dr. Johnson’s Father was also a dentist. In what city did his Father practice dentistry and for how long?

7. Dr. Johnson has had many of the same employees for over 10 years now. Learn a little “About Us” and list the names of the employees that have worked for Dr. Johnson since 2000.