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Prehistoric Dental Fillings Containing Beeswax

Dentist EverettDentistry has advanced dramatically over the years especially in terms of dental fillings? How so? According to The New York Times, a 6,500-year-old human jawbone was discovered with a lump of beeswax what appears to be a dental filling. A nuclear paleoanthropologist states the beeswax was most likely applied “to ease pain from a crack in the enamel and dentin layers of the tooth.”

While it’s unknown who put in the substance, this is the earliest findings of evidence for dental fillings. It’s rare, but prehistoric dentistry does exist, and the evolution of dental care is a fascinating lesson to learn.

Good thing these advancements are available to us because instead of stopping cavities with beeswax, Dr. Kris Johnson can save your tooth with metal-free fillings. These aesthetics look better and fuse with your teeth effectively compared to metal fillings (and beeswax).

Metal-free fillings contain composite resins making it tooth colored and allowing it to blend with your existing teeth. Additionally, these fillings are packed tightly in place making it last for years, and require barely any removal of your natural tooth structure.

From beeswax to metal to metal-free, the advancements of fillings are more effective and aesthetically pleasing to restore the health and beauty to your smile. You deserve to protect your smile, but show off its beauty. Call Dr. Johnson, a dentist near Everett, today!