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Say “I Love You” With Your Creativity and Smile

A woman smiling showing off her white teethIt’s the same every Valentine’s Day. You’ll hound through local shops to find the perfect bouquet, box of chocolates, and Sweethearts candies all saying “I love you.” Why not change it up this year? Get your valentine a gift that won’t wither away or can disappear in one bite. Get a gift that has some spark and creativity in it.

Red Envelope can make your Valentine’s Day creative with their unique and personalized gifts you and your valentine can enjoy.

Picnic backpack: Adventurer savvy lately? Make the one day into a getaway weekend where you and your loved can venture into the wilderness and turn it into a personalized picnic. This backpack can pack to your heart’s desire with its loaded plates, goblets, flatware, delectable wine cooler, and much more.

Glass wine decanter with oak stopper: Nothing shouts romance than a glass of delicious red wine. You can liven up its flavor with this hand-blown glass decanter topped with an oak stopper adding to your elegant evening.

Gourmet dipped fancy berries: Dessert anyone? These succulent strawberries are dipped in milk, dark, or white chocolate sprinkled with toppings. The end result is a bite of mouthwatering flavors. Fun fact: strawberries are known to remove superficial stains from your teeth.

No matter your plans for Valentine’s Day show your affection to your valentine, and nothing shouts “I love you” more than a confident, radiant smile. Need to boost the watts in your smile for your big Valentine’s Day date? Zoom! teeth whitening may be the option for you, which we offer right in the office. At Harbour Pointe Family Dentistry, we use modern technology and advanced techniques to achieve your desired results, and in just 45 minutes, your teeth will be 8-10 shades whiter, brighter, and will last longer – just in time for your big date. When your valentine flashes your extravagant gifts, effortlessly show off your dazzling smile!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day right by celebrating it creatively and showing off your bright “I love you” smile. Call us today to schedule your personalized consultation with Dr. Kris Johnson, a respected dentist in Mukilteo.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Share your thoughts by commenting below!