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What Are You Putting In Your Child’s Mouth?

“Don’t put that in your mouth, it’s dirty!” Many a parent has called out those words in reference to some filthy object that their child had found on the ground and decided to chew on.

Dr. Kris Johnson, practicing family dentistry in the Everett WA area for many years, wants to remind you that what you as a parent choose to put into your child’s mouth can be just as important.

Taking into consideration more than just taste or convenience, parents must realize that what their children eat and drink on a daily basis can affect not only their general health, but also their oral health.

One of the main culprits is sugar. A steady intake of sugary drinks and foods can have a harmful effect on the teeth and gums. What can parents do to protect their children from tooth decay?

  • Control when to allow sugar intake. Timing is important. Sugary food and drinks should be consumed at mealtime. Saliva production increases during meals, helping neutralizing acid production and removing food particles from the mouth.
  • Provide healthy choices. Avoid snack-time food and beverages that are loaded in sugar. Offer nutritious snack alternatives and use water as the beverage of choice between meals.
  • Teach them good habits. Help them to see that their teeth are important. Train them to have good teeth brushing and flossing habits. Speak positively about your dentist and schedule regular visits for the family, including your children.

Located in Mukilteo, Harbour Pointe Family Dentistry knows that your children and their dental health matters to you. As a professional in the practice of family dentistry for the Everett WA area, please contact us today so that we can help with caring for what you want to keep in your child’s mouth – their teeth.