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What Your Smile Says About You: Cosmetic Dentistry in the Everett/ Mukilteo area

Have you thought about looking for a Family and Cosmetic Dentist in the Everett and Mukilteo area?Cosmetic Dentist Everett

Few aspects of your appearance say more about the “inner you” then your smile. Think of the difference in the reception you get when you smile at people as compared to those times when you withhold your smile. Although it may not be intentional, that is the reaction people elicit when they withhold a smile because they are embarrassed about the condition of their teeth. If you find yourself raising your hand to your mouth in a self-conscious effort to cover up your smile, you are needlessly depriving yourself of the attention you deserve from others. If so, cosmetic dentistry can help!

Dr. Kristopher Johnson has been practicing general and cosmetic dentistry in the Everett/Mukilteo area for over 22 years now.
Dentistry has came a long way over the years. So many of us have fear of the dental office because of past experiences from our childhoods. Dr. Kris Johnson and his staff are fully aware of this and go out of there way to ensure the comfort and safety of every single patient who visits us at Harbour Pointe Family Dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentist Everett

It’s simple, really. When you look good, you feel good. If your smile is not becoming to you, you should really be coming to us for dentistry tailored to your specific needs. Aren’t you curious how today’s cosmetic dentistry procedures can virtually change your life? We’d be glad to tell you about the many ways we can help make your smile a dazzling one including “smile makeovers” in only two visits, ZOOM! whitening, implants, mercury-free fillings and veneers. Just call us at Harbour Pointe Family Dentistry, 425-348-8484 to make an appointment today!

Cosmetic Dentist Everett

-Dr. Kris Johnson: Local Family and Cosmetic Dentist for the Everett/Mukilteo area