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Dentist Everett | Maximize Teeth-Whitening Results! | Dr. Johnson

Has your smile’s charisma dimmed? You know you can renew and refresh with professional teeth whitening—but what shade of white is right for your particular coloring?

Keeping it Natural!

White and bright sounds awesome, but you still want your smile to appear “natural,” right? Follow these tips to keep it real:

Maximize your white smile with tips from Dr. Johnson, tip dentist in Everett.

Dress for the Occasion: Give some consideration to what you wear during your teeth-whitening consult. A shirt of strong yellow, red, or so on may be your favorite, but can reflect off the surface of your teeth. This distortion can make it more challenging for your dentist to perceive the true underlying color of your teeth.

Make-up Mix-up: Do you normally wear facial cosmetics? Apply it with a light hand before visiting the dentist for a whitening procedure. Strong color pigments, as mentioned earlier, can interfere with a true analysis of color.

Use your Words: Have you been experiencing any sensitivity in your gums or teeth? Be sure to mention such conditions prior to a whitening procedure. Whitening agents understandably need a level of potency to be effective and can trigger discomfort if applied on damaged areas. Also, point out any bonding or fillings you’re aware of having received on your frontal teeth. Most likely the dentist will have already noted them, but it is good to be aware since those areas will not respond to a whitening treatment.

Deep Surface Cleaning: Of course you should always take care to do a bang-up job brushing and flossing your teeth. It becomes that much more important just prior to a teeth-whitening procedure, since a uniformly clean surface promotes even bleaching.

Then and Now

Nearly 4,000 years ago, Ancient Egyptians created a whitening paste by mixing ground pumice stone with wine vinegar since “white teeth were a mark of beauty and a sign of the wealthy.” Check-out other fascinating historical methods of teeth-whitening.

Today’s approach to a whiter, brighter smile is more gentle and controlled, but the social implications remain almost unchanged. Just have a look-see through these before-and-after photos and see the difference for yourself. Note: if a particular dentist has their own before-and-after gallery for teeth-whitening, replace this link with theirs.

Teeth whitening can bring your smile a brilliance and vitality you may have forgotten was even in you. Arrange an appointment today with Dr. Johnson, top dentist in Everett and discover if it’s right for you!

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